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Mr. Haugen, a resident of Sundre donated the land where the church presently stands and gave a generous sum of money to start the building fund. The first building was built in 1945, with the first service held on Oct 7th of that year. The Sundre United Church's roots go back to 1924 when Sundre was served by student missionaries from Eastern Canada. We celebrate 95 years in 2019.

Please check this page often for announcements on activities and programs within the church. Remember to also visit our Calendar of Events.

Helping in the Sudan - Alarmed at the growing humanitarian crisis in South Sudan, the United Church of Canada is issuing a church-wide appeal. Donations will aid displaced persons with food, water, shelter and medicine. Contributions are urgently needed to mitigate the severe human suffering that threatens to worsen as the time of seasonal rains draws closer. To see how you can help out, visit

Community Van Rides - Every Thursday, anyone may ride the Community Van for $5.00 for the day. The Van runs from 10 am to 3 pm. Please remember to book by 1 pm on Wednesdays. Call 403-638-3266 to book a ride.

Have you got kids? - For anyone with young families, there is a container at the back of the church with toys in it for the children to play with. There are also activity packages available at the back of the church.

Looking for Volunteers - Please we need your help to sign up for greeting, coffee, and reading. Thank you for all your help.

Friend in the Hospital? - Be sure to phone Sundre United Church at 403-638-4428 if someone is in the hospital or is in need of pastoral care.

Sundre attained village status in 1950, and with the growing population and church attendance, the Rev. Terry Anderson became Sundre United's first ordained minister.

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The story of Sadako & the 1,000 Peace Cranes

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